Umpiring Netball

Umpiring with 100 percent confidence
is only a whistle blow away!

Imagine overnight success with newfound respect from players, the bench and spectators!

Find out how to master umpiring from this veteran's key secrets gained over decades of umpiring netball and you won't find yourself behind play ever again - guaranteed!

With 50 years of experience playing, coaching and umpiring Rae went from novice to becoming badged in one of the toughest league competitions in Australia. Rae is now a professional umpire.

Clubs are screaming for good umpires. Being a sought after umpire does not mean being professional in having to complete exam after exam, but being professional in approach.  

If you consistently apply the basic principles of umpiring and understand the difference between contact and contesting the ball, clubs and teams will be booking you up for a season.

To go from ordinary to professional all you need to do is...

  Make a simple shift in focus and you will transform your umpiring performance literally by your next game.

Umpire every game without making a poor or controversial call - it's all in where you stand and how you view the game.

learn why professional umpires make mistakes and how to overcome the unexpected by applying three simple umpire principles.

Sound too good to be true? Umpiring like a true professional is easier than you may have realised.

Game control - what if I make the wrong decision? You won't knowing the 3 key principles, very easy to apply.

Find out how to let players contest the ball without calling contact unnecessarily.

Why there is no such thing as double contact or breaking. Learn how to make a really good decision.

See why umpire's are allowing players to get away with playing the ball.

Many umpires allow goalers to take two shots instead of one. Find out why and make the game flow like never before.

Discover the nitty gritty in understanding umpiring rules, which will turn you from amateur to professional overnight.

Knowing how to apply good hand signals will give you total control and command of the match. See how!

Improve your umpiring by eliminating "toss ups" altogether.

Spot and act on a player's first contact and never be behind play again.

What to do if you make an obvious wrong call.

Tap into Rae's repertoire of umpiring savvy from decades of experience.

"Rae's five decades of experience told in three PDF ebooks"

I have been playing netball for over five decades and the love of the sport has led me to umpiring hundreds of games

Now coaching has me observing even more games than ever, which over the years has taught me a different perspective to getting it right with the Umpire’s whistle.

You can get it right too at any age, beginner or old hand, it is all about knowing where to look for 100% game control.

You will kick yourself when you see how easy umpiring tough fast games really is. All you need to know are the umpiring principles and avoid the classic mistakes the majority of umpires make and you are on your way to being a competent and respected umpire, guaranteed.

Use hand signals when umpiring netballYou can master netball umpiring by reading about Rae's trials and tribulations and how she overcame adversity from some real tough nut teams.

Find out how to make the best use of the whistle, make decisions on double contacts and have any game flow like a divisional or state game.

Most importantly find out how to look at a netball game from an umpire's perspective. You will be amazed at what you will see now you didn't before.

An Umpire’s Perspective:
Do you find you are sometimes a step behind play with obstruction and contact calls?
 Or you are just not as consistent as you would like to be!

Umpiring at times can be frustrating and annoying especially when there doesn’t appear to be an obvious answer. You feel like you are doing everything right but just don’t seem to have the panache and reflex action other umpires possess.

What am I doing wrong - how can I be a good umpire every single game? Don’t worry everyone can become muddled!

Missing a call or being too slow to blow the whistle happens to all Umpires, even the pros.

Naturally there's a lot happening on and off the court during a game. Your attention can easily be averted and concentration momentarily lost. The good news is recovery can be instant.

Success is in knowing how to umpire from an umpire’s
perspective not from a player’s view point.

It is that simple!

When an umpire knows how to stay ahead of play, she will have full control of the game without the start/stop type of play inexperienced Umpires often promote.

The players on court will love you for it for just being able to play pure uninterrupted netball.

You can tap into Rae’s trade umpiring secrets not found in rule books and Umpire courses.

You don't need to be badged to become a first class umpire! Players don't care if you are badged or not just as long as the game runs smoothly without unnecessary stoppages.

Rae's uncanny understanding of netball rules and her netball brain will have you geared for success literally in minutes!

From Raelene Druce:
Registered Netball Victoria
UMFNA Rep coach
Professional Umpire and coach

Over the years of umpiring at club and league level, I developed out of necessity umpiring principles. It doesn’t matter if you are sixteen or sixty, novice or professional, anyone can master umpiring when shown these key principles.

You’ll never struggle with umpiring again, moving from ordinary to being a top notch umpire is just a simple viewpoint change. This is not a change of attitude but how an Umpire should be looking at the game.

You can practice a skill or try to become more efficient at your job until you are blue in the face but unless you have a solid foundation set in place results will be mediocre.

In any sport or occupation doesn’t it makes life so much easier if someone can show you the ropes? It saves years of struggling trying to figure everything out on your own. 

The rule book alone can lead too inflexible umpiring:
Learning from a rule book or textbook is a lot like multiple choice – is it this way or that way, interpretation/guesswork at best. 

Beyond the rules of netball

Umpiring governed by the rules alone tends to slow a game down rather than keep the game flowing, eg:- the advantage call or not allowing players to contest the ball.

Rules are formed at the root level to regulate player behaviour whereas umpiring principles influence the game’s speed and flow.

An Umpire should try not to restrict the natural speed and flow of the game, which only hinders play and stifles the teams and coaches tactics.

Without sound umpiring principles set in place many umpires find it difficult to keep up with play, not physically as in court position, but failing to look in the right direction, which causes the umpire to pre-empt player’s actions and make incorrect decisions. 

This slows the game up and aggravates players, especially when the call ends up penalising the team rather than advantaging them. 

We have all seen the dainty sixteen year old umpire with complete authority and control. All this ability and she can’t have possibly umpired that many games, not old enough.

Yet her success can be attributed to mastering the secrets of good umpiring.

You can too!

Unlike playing netball, umpiring is not a skill players need to develop like goal shooting but knowing the key umpiring principles to properly represent the game.

When Umpiring Using These Key Principles You Will...

Stay ahead of play so an infringement of the rules never escapes your attention.

Get it right with the defenders by not penalizing them unfairly for contact.  (Coaches and players will love you for that!)

Know how to play the advantage rule to keep a game flowing

Make an informed decision about double contacts and eliminate the poor use of toss-ups.

Know how to be consistent in your umpiring so every game goes like clockwork.

And above a good umpiring control of the game so both players and spectators enjoy this wonderful game.

Imagine, if you have the above aspects of umpiring netball down pat how easy it will be for you to umpire as a professional and how rewarding it will be for the teams you Umpire. 

These lucky players will think they are playing on a sprung wooden floor in the Commonwealth Games Stadium with the game running so smoothly.

Don’t waste another moment and put all the hassle and struggle of ordinary umpiring behind you!

I’ll show you how to master umpiring, which I have had to learn by umpiring some of the toughest and fastest games on the Australian league circuit.

You’ll kick yourself when you see how easy it is!

No need to study anything as each key principle and ruling clarification is interwoven in my story as an Umpire. The ebook is not longwinded but concise and straight to the point. No padding to wade through.

I have purposely written the ebook so you can feel as if you are on the court umpiring with me witnessing the mistakes and disappointments I had when starting out. I'll show you how I overcame them and gained confidence to Umpire any game on the circuit. 

How umpiring success was realised for me
As an analogy for a netball team to reach the grand final, their coach has to teach team discipline, positional play, footwork skills, tactics, motivation and game principles to stay at peak performance and win games.

Umpiring netball I soon learnt was not any different. I had read all the umpiring manuals and rule books, attended umpire courses and asked questions of the best Umpire coordinators in the country from C grade to AA accredited Umpires.

The key to good umpiring still eluded me.

But not for long as I was determined to do a good job and have every game umpired run quickly and smoothly.

During one of the fastest league games I have had to umpire, my wits and fitness were tested, with perspiration running off me like never before.

By half time, it struck me that most umpires are controlling the game from a player or coaches' perspective, after-all, most umpires are still playing or are ex-players.

Umpiring netball from this perspective is a fundamental mistake.

Staying ahead of play is the key for game flow
It should be an Umpire’s objective to keep one step ahead of the ball at all times.

Once all the pieces were slotted together I now understood what is meant by an over night success.

It was literally this quick going from average performances to umpiring the toughest matches with ease. Now I rarely, if ever call for a toss-up, defenders are not penalized out of the game and games flow like clockwork.

Players are happier and that has lead to a whole lot less back chat as they are now enjoying the natural flow and speed of the game.

Umpiring is not a natural talent like the very best goal shooters or an exceptional defender, it’s simply knowing HOW to umpire from an umpire’s perspective not a players view point. 

The Joys Of Umpiring: 
Umpiring is one of the most enjoyable aspects of netball especially when a player can just pick up the whistle and move a game along as proficiently as a National Umpire.

At club, league, divisional or national level umpiring is umpiring and every match day coaches and players are screaming out for good umpires.

Clubs want top umpires so their teams are given good consistent umpiring decisions.  

You don’t need to be badged to be good!

But for good umpiring at any level you only need to know how to stay ahead of play and the rest will automatically fall into place. 

It has for me and it has for all the players I show how to umpire. Two half hour sessions and these girls are all smiles.

You can be all smiles too! 

And you have the added advantage of referring back to your copies of...

1. Umpiring Netball

2. Umpiring without Fear

3. How to give Warnings as a Netball Umpire

...ebooks to refresh your memory in how to stay ahead of the game and deal with controversial decisions like a true professional.

These 3 ebooks will shape you as a proficient umpire with all your games flowing like clockwork

Download them today and print to leave on your coffee table and keep for future reference to become a professional, competent and well respected Umpire! 

Umpiring netball - Rae's story Netball umpire warnings Umpiring without fear

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Rae's 50 Years experience is captured in three ebooks and will have you umpiring as a true professional by your next game!

After reading the 3 ebooks you will be paying the Advantage Rule with ease through perfect control of the game! 

#1 Umpiring Netball:
Rae's story of umpiring from a novice to being badged, which includes umpiring principles throughout the story as you read along.

This is an easy way to understand the key components of umpiring and you will get a real feel of actually being on court using the principles I now use. 

There are no tips or suggestions, as everything Rae shows you will make you a very good umpire. Solid concrete information! You don't have to guess which way is right or which way is wrong.

Also included are two new sections about player possession & playing the ball and why Goalers are getting away with taking two shots instead of one.

#2 Umpiring without Fear: 
This ebook will show you how to take control of any game at any level. You will be able to handle fast players, difficult players and have teams playing a good uninterrupted game of netball.

Apply these key skills below your umpiring will leap ahead after one game - guaranteed.

No hype just common sense umpiring from a lady with over 50 years' experience playing, coaching and umpiring netball. 


Game control is easy when you know how!


Being consistent is key to your umpiring success.


Advancing the penalty.


Do's & don'ts of good umpiring.

The four fundamentals are very powerful and applied properly you'll see success straight away. We will go over each of these umpiring applications individually.

Also learn how to start play after stoppagesMany teams now are using the 2 minute and 30 second stoppage for injury or illness time as a ploy to hold time so that they can reconfigure their team.

#3 How to give warnings as a netball umpire: 
This is an area many umpire's are confused about, me included in the past. And it is an area you really need to get right so players and coaches are not left disappointed with an unresolved incident.

This ebook has four sections... 


Umpire’s authority.


Where umpires should stand during the break.


How to warn players.


How to bring a player back on court.

Tap into what I have learnt over many decades
in three easy to read PDF ebooks

Rae Druce - umpiring netball

Everything I have learnt about player and team tactics and overall strategy has come from my "observation" in umpiring hundreds and hundreds of games over the decades.

Coaching teams has just flowed on from this foundation. The contents of these ebooks are my personal experiences in umpiring local matches and some pretty tough league competition, which I still do enjoyed immensely.

There have been some awkward situations and not so glamorous times, which I have gone into detail in the ebooks to help and show how to overcome any controversy thrown up against you. It is so easy when you know how!

These three ebooks cover everything you will need to know about successful netball umpiring.

You will enjoy every quarter umpired and never find it a challenge or grind anymore.

Read them tonight or print each ebook out for reference... 

Umpiring netball - Rae's story Netball umpire warnings Umpiring without fear

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The 3 ebooks together will shape you as a professional not just as a badged umpire, able to make correct decisions others don't see...That's the WOW factor!

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1. See why so many umpires miss the first contact and wrongly ping a player for second contact. 

2. Inside Rae's ebooks you will be shown how to apply all the main rules without having to wade through the rule book for hours on end. 

3. The key to umpiring successfully is looking at the game through an umpire's eyes not from a player's perspective.

Mastering this technique  you will be able to stay ahead of play and paying the advantage rule will become second nature to you.


umpiring netball